how much do passport photos cost?

How Much do Passport Photos Cost?

A Canadian passport is a necessary form of identification used to travel, provide proof of citizenship, and complete certain legal/financial transactions. A passport is valid for 5 years if the person it is issued to is 15 years old or under. If the passport is for someone older than 15, they can opt for a 10-year passport.

Canadian passport photo requirements state that all photos be taken by a professional photographer or by a commercial studio. While this sounds like it may be costly to take your passport photo because of the professional requirement, they actually don’t cost too much. Depending on the package you choose passport photos can cost between $15-$45 CAD.

Where to Find Cheap Passport Photos Near Me

There are lots of different camera shops, studios, and even retail stores that can take your passport photos. You can even choose to take your photo at Walmart or Costco if you live near one. However, to get the cheapest and best quality passport photos done, there are a few different places you should consider first.

Photo Studio Calgary

Photo Studio Calgary is the best studio to visit to get the most bang for your buck. It’s easy to get an appointment, they make the photo process fast, and even accept walk-ins if you have an emergency photo situation.

For $13 you can get 2 printed photos and 1 soft copy of your passport picture that is in accordance with all Canadian photo requirements. They also have a $26 package for newborn passport photos where they take extra care and precautions to take the perfect picture.

Their location is central to lots of neighborhoods in Calgary including Falconridge, Coral Springs, and Monterey Park.

Jean Coutu

Most Jean Coutu stores offer passport photo and printing services, but you should always double-check with your local store first. You can find a Jean Coutu store in Quebec, Ontario, or New Brunswick. If you plan on taking a newborn passport photo at Jean Coutu, it’s also important to call and ask ahead of time if they offer this specialized service. Not every store is equipped to do so.

The price for Jean Coutu passport photos varies on the package. It’s best to call and ask for their pricing before booking.

London Drugs

London Drugs offers professional passport photo services in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. The typical price is $18.99 and they offer a complete refund policy, should the photo not be accepted by the Canadian government.

Passport Photos FAQs

How Long are Passport Photos Good For?

For a Canadian passport, your photo must be not older than 6 months. It is meant to reflect the most current version of you, so anything that is submitted from years ago will not be accepted. Once you receive your passport, it will be valid for 5 or 10 years.

Can I Take My Own Passport Photos?

To follow Canada’s passport application requirements, you are not allowed to submit a photo you have taken yourself. A passport photo taken by a non commercial photographer or professional studio, will not be accepted.

Every photo should be signed, stamped, and dated by the photographer to verify that it was taken by a professional. While other countries allow for online submission of a passport photo one took themselves, Canada does not.

What is the Size of a Passport Photo?

Your Canadian passport photo should be 50 mm x 70 mm with your face height framed between 31 mm and 36 mm. Your photographer will work to get this right, otherwise, your photo will be rejected during the application process.

What is Not Allowed in a Passport Photo?

For a Canadian passport photo, you can’t smile or wear any sort of headwear except for religious or medical reasons. It is also strongly recommended to not wear eyeglasses in your photo to reduce the chance of there being a glare. If there’s a glare in the photo and your eyes cannot be fully seen, then the photo will be rejected.