baby passport photo requirements in Canada

Baby Passport Photo Requirements In Canada

Want to discover the various Canadian passport baby photo requirements you need to be aware of? You’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re going to cover all that you need to know about the Canadian passport baby photo requirements.

Traveling out of the country can be extremely complicated and challenging in itself. This is especially true if you are preparing to travel outside of Canada when you have a baby in tow However, it can be made simple if you know about all of the requirements involved.

Acquiring a passport for your little one entails many details, but one detail that can be a nightmare is getting a proper photo for your baby’s passport.

Simply put, you need to know about baby passport photo requirements in Canada. Otherwise, you’ll end up taking multiple trips to the studio to get a photo that adheres to all the necessary standards.

There are a number of Canadian baby passport requirements that you need to be familiarized with to ensure a passport acquisition process for your child that is as smooth as possible. Save yourself the headache of attempting and failing to get the photo of your child approved for their passport by learning all you can about baby passport photo requirements in Canada. Let’s get started with a simple question – does your baby actually need a passport photo?

Do Babies Need A Passport Photo?

Proper photos are required in any passport, and babies are not exempt from this rule. Understand that a passport is a form of government-issued identification, and that is why photos are required. They are necessary because anybody who travels needs to be identified in order to ensure the safety of anybody and everybody who is traveling.

Fortunately, Canadian baby passport requirements are not much different from the requirements that adults must adhere to. The stipulations are practically the same, as you’ll see. The tricky part is getting your screaming infant to work with you and the photographer – more on that later. First, how strict are Canadian baby passport photo requirements?

How Strict Are Baby Passport Photo Requirements In Canada?

When it comes to how strict baby passport photo requirements in Canada are, you can expect the same kinds of passport photo requirements that any adult would need to meet.

Stipulations include professional photography (no at-home selfies), photos being identical and taken in the last six months, and the size of the photo being 2’’ x 2 and ¾’’ all apply to babies just like they would apply to any adult.

All things considered, you should expect the requirements for the photo of your baby to be almost identical to the requirements that would be expected of yourself.

How Do You Take a Passport Photo Of A Baby In Canada?

Like with any other passport photo, you can’t just send in two photos of your baby to a travel agency and expect it to meet any requirements for a passport. Indeed, you’ll need to get professional photos of your baby in a studio in order to get them approved for their passport.

There are a number of places where you can get passport photos. Wherever you go, make sure that the studio knows about all the requirements involved in passport photos. In fact, we encourage you to stick with a studio that specializes in passport photography. This will ensure they don’t miss the mark – wasting your time and money.

Baby Passport Photo Requirements In Canada: What You Need To Know

The exact baby passport photo requirements in Canada are not nearly as complicated as you may think. What makes it seem complicated is that there are a lot of minor requirements that can delay approval or even get the photo rejected.

The first of these has to do with the background of the photo. The background of your photo must be either completely white or off-white. A lot of studios do not understand this and it leads to passport photos that get rejected. And, the shoulders and face need to be centered in your photo. This can be challenging when it comes to passports for babies, since they hate sitting still – especially on command, as you no doubt have gotten a sense for as a new parent!

Another important aspect of baby passport requirements in Canada has to do with what your baby is wearing. In fact, what your baby wears can determine whether your photo is accepted, delayed, or rejected.

What Should A Baby Wear For A Passport Photo In Canada?

Because passport photos are taken in a white or off-white background, your baby needs to wear something dark. This not only makes the photo more presentable overall, but it also allows for the photographer to center their head and shoulders much easier.

Something you absolutely cannot have your baby wear is a uniform or anything that resembles a uniform. Additionally, your baby also cannot be wearing any kind of headgear or eyewear, unless you have a note from a physician.

Wearing the proper clothes for a passport photo is also important because it affects the background lighting. The lighting of the photo must not contain any glare or shadows on the baby’s face and the lighting must also reflect the baby’s skin tone perfectly.

These are all reasons why what your baby wears is crucial when it comes to their passport photo.

Even your baby’s expression matters greatly when it comes to their passport photo. Let’s explore what kind of expression your baby needs to wear when it comes to their passport photo.

Can Babies Smile In Their Passport Photo?

Can you smile in your passport photo? No – and neither can your baby.

Something you should know about passport photos is that in order for any of them to be approved, the person in the photo must possess a completely neutral expression.

There are a lot of qualities that go into a completely neutral expression. You can’t raise your eyebrows, widen your eyes, flare your nostrils, or do anything else that takes away from the natural expression that is written on your baby’s face.

Not following this can and will get your passport delayed at best, and rejected at worst. Make sure that the photographer you go to for your baby’s passport photos is equipped to capture your baby’s face properly. 

An inconsistent facial expression across both photos in your baby’s passport application is the most common reason a passport application gets delayed or rejected. Make sure this doesn’t happen by knowing what goes into a good passport photo.

To recap, here is the entire list of baby passport photo requirements in Canada:

  • The photo must be taken by a commercial photographer or at a photo studio, preferably at a studio
  • The background must be white or off-white. To ensure that the photo doesn’t get delayed, use white
  • Shoulders and face must be centered
  • Facial expression must be completely neutral
  • Eyes must be open and completely visible
  • Lighting must reflect the baby’s true skin tone
  • No glare or shadows can appear on the baby’s face
  • Eyewear is allowed as long as it is approved by a physician and doesn’t cause any glares. Sunglasses cannot be worn for any reason.
  • Headgear can only be allowed if it is approved by a physician or religious official
  • No alterations or filters can be used

Where To Get Your Baby’s Passport Photo Taken: Quick, Easy, & Affordable Solutions

As you can see, the specific place you get your child’s passport photo taken can make or break your experience. Choosing the right studio saves you time and money, and ensures a smooth process that gets done right the first time around. As we’ve recommended, the best thing to do is to find a place that specializes in taking passport photos for your baby.

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Final Thoughts On The Canadian Baby Passport Photo Requirements

Meeting Canadian baby passport photo requirements can be a challenge. Not only does your little one need to meet all the standard photo requirements that any adult needs to meet whenever they get their passport photos taken, but the traits they possess because of their age can make things even more difficult.

This is why you need to turn to a studio that specializes in Canadian passport baby photo requirements.

Photo Studio Calgary has all the tools you need to get passport photos for your baby taken perfectly the first time, this way you won’t need to worry about your child’s passport being delayed and having to retake another set of photos.

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