how long does permanent residence renewal take

How Long Does Permanent Residence Renewal Take in Canada? 

Green cards always have an expiry date, usually ten years after they were issued. Although an expired PR card does not revoke your citizenship, it is required as proof that you are a lawful permanent resident. When the card becomes due, you have to renew it so that it can remain valid and serve its purpose.

Is your green card expiring soon? Renewal takes quite a while and not knowing the duration of the process may cause you to worry unnecessarily. Luckily, we know the answer and it is all here in this article. 

Read on to find out everything you need to know about renewing your PR card in Canada here. Some of the questions we will be answering include, what is permanent residence renewal? How long does permanent residence renewal take? What are the steps involved in renewing your green card? And more. 

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What is Permanent Residence Renewal?

A permanent residence card, also called a green card, is an ID that proves that you are a lawful citizen in a country. You should have your PR card with you at all times, according to most country laws, as not having it attracts punishments, from fines to jail time.

Now, the green card usually expires 10 years after its issuance and it is non-negotiable to keep it up-to-date. An invalid PR card does not change the status of your legal permanent residence, but it will be difficult for you to work, travel, and enjoy benefits in the country.

The permanent residence renewal is a crucial routine procedure for all green card holders in different countries. It keeps your card valid and allows you to enjoy many benefits as a citizen. You can travel, apply for financial aid, enjoy social security, and receive other federal benefits, with a valid PR.

Simply put, a permanent residence renewal is a process that you have to go through to keep your green card valid. 

Now, to renew your card in Canada, you have to be in at least one of the categories below;

  • Your current PR card is expiring in the next nine months or less.
  • Your PR card was stolen, damaged, or misplaced.
  • The information on your PR card is incorrect.
  • You currently do not have a green card and have never had one.

If you don’t fall in any of the groups above, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) may reject your application. So, ensure you are eligible before applying for a PR card renewal.

Why Learning How Long Permanent Residence Renewal is So Important?

Knowing how long the PR renewal takes has several perks. One of them is, it allows you to apply for the renewal early and get the card done before the current one expires. 

Many people, especially if it is their first time renewing, make the mistake of applying for PR renewal when it is a few days before the card’s expiry date. That, of course, means the PR card will not get renewed on time. The current one will expire and as its holder, you will miss out on many benefits before getting the card replaced.

Also, if you don’t know how long the renewal takes, the wait causes you to doubt and worry whether the card is being processed or not.

However, knowing the duration of the PR renewal procedure prevents all the issues mentioned above. It enables you to apply for the renewal early enough and rest easy knowing your card is on its way.

So, How Long Does Permanent Residence Renewal Take? An Overview of the PR Card Timeline

Now, How long does a permanent residence renewal take? It usually takes from 2-4 months to get your PR renewed in Canada. Apart from that, renewing the PR card is straightforward. 

Canada PR Renewal

For Canada PR renewal, you can get your new PR card faster when you apply from within the country. Applying from outside may take longer than three months to process. See how to apply for Canada renewal below;

You need to file Form IMM 5444 and submit it with some required documents to apply for PR renewal in Canada. They include, your current expired permanent residence card, a copy of your valid passport, travel document, passport photos, and any other specified documents. 

Note that each document required by the CIC has its specifications. Any photocopied document must be clear, or else your application will be rejected. Also, the size of your passport photo must meet the specification put out in the application kit. To ensure that your photo meets the requirement, take your permanent residence card photo at Photo Studio Calgary. We have tons of experience taking PR card photo shots and will ensure you get yours right.

You will also pay $50 for your PR card renewal to process the application. After the CIC approves your application, your PR card will reach you within one to four months.

Is There Anything You Can Do to Speed up the Permanent Residence Renewal Timeline?

Under normal circumstances, immigration officials will not process your application for a PR card faster than the normal processing time. However, they may speed up the renewal of your green card in some special circumstances.  

If you qualify and need to have your PR renewal done quickly, you can file for an expedited request in Canada. However, you have to be in one of the following categories to ask for urgent permanent residence card processing;

  • Death of a family member
  • Critical health condition of a family member
  • You are seriously ill
  • There is a job opportunity for you.
  • There is an urgent project to be done in your current work.

Note that, even the situation above does not guarantee the urgent processing of your PR card. You may have to wait if that is the CIC decision.

Final Thoughts on How Long Permanent Residence Renewal Takes

Renewing your permanent residence, based on real cases, should not take more than four months under normal circumstances when you provide the required details and documents. However, it can also take much longer if the immigration Office notices any flaw in your application. 

Whatever you do, ensure that your application for PR renewal falls within six months to expiry and provide the supporting documents required by the Immigration Office. You should get your new green card issued on time if you do that.

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