When Can I Renew My Canadian PR Card?

When Can I Renew My Canadian PR Card?

When can I renew my Canadian PR card? If you are asking this question and seeking an answer, you’ve come to the right place.

When renewing your Canadian permanent resident card, many factors can come into play. For example, how far in advance can you renew your PR card? As well, what happens if your Canadian permanent resident card expires? All of these questions can cause understandable concern, but don’t fret! There are steps and tips that can help simplify an otherwise over-complicated process of renewing a Canadian PR card. 

In this article, we’ll discuss when it’s best to renew your Canadian PR card, where the best studio is to update your permanent resident card photos, and why to avoid waiting too long to renew your PR card. 

What is a Canadian PR Card?

To get into what a Canadian PR card is, first, we must discuss what a permanent resident is. 

A permanent resident is a person who is given permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada. To differentiate, a permanent resident is a citizen of another country, not a citizen of Canada. This person, a permanent resident, is not in Canada temporarily. They are different from a student or foreign worker who has temporary status in Canada. An example of a permanent resident is refugees who resettle overseas to become permanent residents through the Government-Assisted Refugee Program. 

Moving on, a permanent resident (PR) card is required by Canadian residents as they need to present this card when traveling to or from Canada. Whether flying or using any other commercial carrier to travel out or to Canada, if you do not have a PR card or permanent resident travel document (PRTD), you may not be able to board your boat, bus, train, or flight to Canada. 

It is crucial to ensure that your PR card is valid and valid. If your permanent resident card is expired, you still have your permanent resident status. Losing permanent resident status only occurs through an official process. 

Having a PR card or being a permanent resident allows you to receive social benefits like health care coverage, live anywhere in Canada, apply for Canadian citizenship, and receive protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

Do I Need to Renew My Canadian PR Cards?

Yes, you need to renew your Canadian PR card. 

You must renew your Canadian PR card to travel to Canada. You will still have your permanent resident status and be able to stay in Canada, but if you decide to leave the country, you will need a valid PR card to return to Canada. But how long does permanent residence renewal take

This is a crucial factor in renewing a PR card that must be considered. But first, let’s see when it’s possible to renew your Canadian PR Card. 

When Can I Renew My Canadian PR Card?

So, when can I renew my Canadian PR card?

Your Canadian PR card can be renewed if your card expires within nine months. Anywhere from nine months to the card’s expiration date, your permanent resident card can be renewed. If you are traveling at all, it is highly recommended to renew your PR card to be able to return to Canada. 

Tips to Help You Renew Your Canadian PR Card Quickly & Easily

For tips to help you renew your Canadian PR card quickly and easily, continue reading! 

Mark the Renewal Date on Your Calendar

One of the best ways to track when your PR card will expire and when you should get it renewed is by marking it down on your calendar. 

Add it to your phone calendar and set it so that a reminder will notify you in case you forget to check your calendar when the time comes. The reminder will be the perfect way to stay on track to getting your PR card renewed before traveling and avoiding an expired PR card. 

If You Need to Update Your Photo, Find a Dependable Photographer

If you want to renew your Canadian PR card, lean on the #1 choice for the most dependable photographer, Photo Studio Calgary! 

Can you take your own passport photos? Passport photos and PR card photos are required by Canada to be taken in person at a professional studio. Unfortunately, this means passport photos cannot be taken at home. So, if you’re wondering what places take passport photos, that’s where Photo Studio Calgary comes in to save the day!

Having to renew PR card in Canada can be a hassle, but with Photo Studio Calgary, we take the trouble out of your hands. Our certified immigration consultants smoothen out the otherwise often overcomplicated application process so you can get your Canadian PR card as quickly as possible. 

You won’t have to worry about the possibility of your application getting rejected, delaying the renewal of your permanent resident card. With Photo Studio Calgary, we guarantee a smooth and efficient process. Now, say cheese!

Know The Difference Between A PR Card Photo & A Passport Photo

When getting your photo done for the renewal process, it’s essential to know the difference between a PR card photo and a passport photo. The same can be said for a passport photo vs. a visa photo

Each requirement is different, like size, frame, and quality. That’s why it’s essential to know what to know when taking a passport photo and the difference between a PR card photo. 

Wrapping Things Up

Renewing your Canadian PR card doesn’t have to be complicated! Avoid waiting too late to get your permanent resident card and suffer the consequences. At Photo Studio Calgary, we guarantee a smooth process of filling out your application for passport photos in Calgary

And that’s not all! We also do photo printing in Calgary, and even photo restoration in Calgary, so you can brush the stress of renewing your PR card off your shoulders. Photo Studio Calgary is the place to go for fresh PR card photos quickly, so if you plan on traveling outside Canada, sign up today!